Artist Statement

My main objective as an artist is to define processes through open learning and experimentation. I have a love/hate relationship with structure, I need it more than it needs me (or visa versa, who can say). My aesthetic is whimsical, detailed, and playful. The bulk of my work lies in relief printmaking, though have dabbled in textiles, pastels, mosaics, and am a rampant doodler.

If I’m feeling silly I will sit down with some soft pastels and create abstract and humorous pieces. If I’m in the mood to solve problems (either with myself or work related) I will grab my carving tools and start hacking (gracefully) away on a linoleum or wood plate. If I dare go down the path of self-reflection (which is often and willingly) I will lunge for my embroidery hoop and floss and get lost in stitch-work. I use art as tool for self-growth, it serves as a great conduit for breaking perceived mental and emotional barriers.

Most recent work has been merging the art of printmaking with the age-old tradition of embroidery and needle point.  I’ve never been too focused on the end result of a piece or project, but more captivated by the creative process and its affect on both the artist and the audience.