Plates on Plates on Plates

7E7CAF17-45E7-42A6-B167-F2F4EFD1A5A5What is a Plate? Can I eat off of it? No, but besides that the possibilities are truly endless.

Plates are what the printmaker uses as the canvas to make prints. For relief printing you can use wood, linoleum, a potato, or even wine corks (fun!) as your surface space. You cut/carve away the negative space to create your composition. For intaglio (etching) various metal plates are used (copper, zinc, aluminum, etc.) as the surface area, and the positive space is manipulated to carry the design of the composition.

I have an affinity towards relief printmaking because I deeply enjoy the act/practice of carving away negative space. I’ve always loved puzzles and logic. I am also mildly dyslexic, so immediately took a shine a to creating images that are both inside-out & backwards (only not really after you run them through the press)

This is one of the first linoleum plates I carved back in 2010, I have an affinity for paisley designs.


Extreme linocut close-up of ‘World Patterns’